You Can Become

A world where living with negative health circumstances can be seen as an advantage, promoting the belief that 'You Can Become' anything no matter what your circumstance!

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You Can Become

Who are we and what's with the nameā€¦?

You Can Become was founded by Jack Nolan when he was admitted to a Mental Health Hospital for the first time. After suffering with a psychosis episode, Jack started his recovery and reality hit home to the situation he was in, but he found hope in a place that had none and he started making a positive impact on peoples lives... Through speaking out the positive message that 'You Can Become' anything in life, no matter what your circumstances.

He would share this positive message with other patients who were lost like himself to spark some hope into people to make them realise that they were going to defeat their demons and that they can re-gain control and re-build their lives. Since Jack's first crash he has been in and out of the hospital twice and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But Jack continued to share his positive message on the inside when he brought himself back round to a healthy mind-set.

Jack is on a mission to support people with negative health circumstances and help re-build their lives.

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Founders Thoughts

"I am currently a one man band trying to make a difference through pulling the professional relationships I have together, to make something meaningful and special happen. Through YCB I am always thinking of ways to connect with more positive people. We are working towards creating our own funding through working with the Education Sector and Corporate to fund the work we are trying to do. We are at the beginning of our journey in the pursuit to help people.

Our goals are to get a solid base and bring in a team so we can facilitate workshops to make a difference in people's lives all year round. We are also in the process of documenting our journey which will be turned into a feature film! So if you would like to become a part of our journey and make an impact in peoples lives. Feel free to get in touch!"

Jack Nolan - You Can Become Founder

Jack Nolan Founder You Can Become

Education & Corporate

Here at YCB we take you on our journey, sharing our speakers inspirational stories and delivering workshops that will make your pupils or staff feel inspired to take action on bettering themselves and taking their mental states to a new level!

YCB believe in changing peoples lives for the better. There is no event that we do not leave a positive impact on. We can tailor-make our subjects and workshops to your events needs. We have worked with Charities, Health Services and other Corporations and have received nothing but positive responses.

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